The Creation Story and Interpretation Behind “Eden” NFT

Eden NFT:

Inspired by the interpretation of a fan, Skyblue, I decided to write the story behind this painting based on his/her diagram, hoping you will understand this painting better.

***Chinese at bottom || 中文在底部***

1.Motivation for creation

As an early fan of EOS, I was very sad that EOS was hollowed out by a certain firm at that time, and the trend went against the original intention, which caused many EOS believers to suffer. Dan’s departure and the innovative design of the Fractional Democracy is very exciting, so I officially joined the EdenOnEOS member on June 29, 2021. I think that Fractional Democracy is a very innovative design. It is not only trying to solve the problem of oligopoly or Pareto’s law, but also a very innovative conception of democratic system, striving for a more equal democracy. This work was completed on Feb.26, 2022, , since there were 402 Eden members at that time, the maximum mints of this NFT is 402, expressing expectations for new EOS and Fractional Democracy.

2. Introduction to the original story of the Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is derived from the Bible and represents the paradise in which Adam and Eve lived carefree. When a snake becomes jealous, it lures them to eat the “fruit of wisdom”, which makes them realize the difference between men and women, and generates human natural desires. After God knew it, he was angry and sent them back to the human world to experience all human pains and cycles of reproduction and survival; happiness and sorrows; birth, old age, sickness and death.

3. Analysis of the elements of “Eden” NFT

  1. Adam, the first man
  2. Eve, the first woman
  3. 3 combined elements: snake tail, apple handle, pendant buckle
  4. Snake, Seducer
  5. EOS double-layer embedded Logo
  6. Apple (overall composition), representing the fruit of wisdom
  7. Leaf, also represents man
  8. Rose, also represents women
  9. Eden woods background
  10. Chinese copper coin-shaped pattern, representing greed
  11. EOS necklace, the chains of men and women are different, and they are spit out from the snake’s mouth to tie the two together
  12. Rings, representing a pair

4. Interpretation of the “Eden” NFT

Taking the shape of the apple as the composition frame, it highlights the three iconic elements of Adam, Eve and the snake in Eden, and integrates the EOS Logo into it. At the same time, it integrates other elements to show the environmental background, the outline of the story and the moral of the story of Eden. Therefore, the painting is carefully designed and highly intensive, both as a badge and as a pendant ornament.

In addition, Eden’s story itself expresses temptation and greed, but also has the meaning of “the place of birth”, because it is the starting point of mankind. Therefore, this painting also expresses the new life of EOS, implies the major events such as fractal democratic innovation, the establishment of ENF, the prosecution of B1, etc., and expects to “birth” more new blockchain ecosystem projects, and EOS itself is becoming stronger and stronger.

Donating a batch of Eden NFTs a few months ago to express anti-war was also based on its connotation of nurturing peace/democracy/prosperity.

That’s all, thanks!

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About ShuFan NFT:

A ShuFan NFT is a unique cryptographic digital asset, cannot be replicated, represents one original illustration artwork by ShuFan, that exists on a blockchain (EOS, ICP, WAX, ETH, Telos and more). Each NFT is unique and limited edition, means innovative and rare. So ShuFan NFT has a monetary value, is easy to verify originality and track provenance. For more information, please see FAQ.

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Eden NFT 背后的创作故事和解读

受一位粉丝Skyblue,对Eden NFT的解读启发,我决定根据Ta的解读图来写这幅画背后的故事,希望大家能更好地理解这幅作品。


作为EOS的早期粉丝,因对当时EOS被某公司掏空很难过,走向也违背了初衷,让很多EOS信仰者受损。Dan的离职并创新设计的分形式民主的让人很期待,所以我于2021年6月29日正式加入EdenOnEOS成员。我认为分形式民主是一个非常厉害的创新设计,它不止是想解决寡头垄断或帕累托法则的问题,也是一个极富创新的民主制度构想,力求更平等的民主。此作品于2022年2月26日完成创作,因当时的Eden member成员为402人,所以此NFT的最大产量为402份,表达对新EOS和分形式民主的期待。




  1. 亚当,第一个男人
  2. 夏娃,第一个女人
  3. 3个组合元素:蛇尾,苹果柄(handle),吊坠扣(pendant buckle)
  4. ,诱惑者
  5. EOS叠层嵌入式Logo
  6. 苹果(整体构图),代表智慧果
  7. 叶子,也代表男性
  8. 玫瑰,也代表女性
  9. Eden树林背景
  10. 中国铜钱形图案,代表贪婪
  11. EOS项链,男女的链不一样,且从蛇口吐出,将两人栓在一起
  12. 戒指,代表一对


以苹果的外形为构图框架,并突出Eden里面亚当,夏娃和蛇3大标志性元素,并将EOS Logo融入其中,同时融入的其他要素展示了Eden故事的环境背景、故事概要、故事寓意。因此这幅画是精心设计、高度集约的,既可以作为徽章,也可以在衍化出吊坠饰品。


几个月前捐赠一批Eden NFT以表达反战,也是基于它有孕育和平/民主/繁荣的寓意。


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关于ShuFan NFT:

ShuFan NFT 是一种独特的加密数字资产,不可复制,代表 ShuFan 的一幅原创插画作品,存在于区块链(EOS、ICP、WAX、ETH、Telos 等)上。 每个 NFT 都是独一无二的限量版,意味着创新和稀有。 所以ShuFan NFT 具有货币价值,易于验证原创性和追踪出处。更多请看FAQ中文


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